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Get Hired: Your Guide To Gaining The Employment You Want, is an essential guide to creating your dream career in today's job market.

At Get Hired we produce books and literature to assist our international client base. Our books provide the required information and guidance for our clients to succeed and perform at a high level within the realm of career advancement and recruitment. Our book 'Get Hired: Your Guide To Gaining The Employment You Want' is required reading for anyone who is seeking to get the edge. The information contained within Get Hired will ensure that the reader learns the skills and  gains the knowledge to achieve their career goals, improve their presentation skills,  locate job opportunities, negotiate higher wages, conduct interviews, educate themselves, develop their abilities and much more. Please download the Get Hired book and empower yourself today!

Book Excerpts:

Chapter 2: The SAI Process and Preparation

".......The first element to consider in the search process is the object or aim of our search. We need to be clear of exactly what we are looking for. What you need to define is what type of role you want. I cannot stress enough the  importance of this element, ask yourselves the Nine Criteria Questions or NCQ Process. The nine questions provide us with a clear guide which allow us to be specific about our search and guide us to the appropriate position which will be in line with our goals and aspirations............"

Chapter 8: Closing

".......In simple terms the definition of a close is 'the steps people taken to persuade the employer to make the necessary commitment to hiring you'. The close is usually done by putting the prospective employer on the spot at the end of the interview and attempting to extract a positive confirmation of a job offer. Shortly, we will look at some principles and examples but first let us look at some must do's for the interview stage. All three must be completed to ensure a successful conclusion to the interview process.........."

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